Limited time offer!

Exclusive Opportunity to Partner with an Innovative Iowa Reading Company

Are your students prepared to become fluent readers? We are looking for 15 Iowa schools/districts to partner with us to improve reading fluency and track progress over a three-year period—with the first year’s implementation for free. Partner with the Iowa WordFlight Project to address your struggling readers’ gateway skills and share their success!

What does WordFlight do?

WordFlight identifies those students who struggle with fluency due to deficits in foundational skills; diagnoses the specific nature of those deficits; and addresses those needs with a personalized and adaptive curriculum.

Claim your spot

Only a limited number of Iowa schools will be selected to participate. One of the benefits of being selected is receiving your first year of assessment and instruction for free.

In exchange for participation in the Iowa Project, Iowa schools will receive:

  • Ongoing data on student usage, progress, achievement, and research outcomes
  • WordFlight at no cost for Year 1 of the project
  • Discounted pricing for Years Two and Three of the project
  • A performance guarantee—If WordFlight is used with fidelity in year 1 and students do not improve on the end-of-year WordFlight Diagnostic, the contract can be cancelled
  • Opportunities to collaborate and jointly promote successes to Iowa communities
This offer ends November 4, 2021.

“WordFlight meets students at their point of need and provides engaging computer-based interactions that improve fluency, build confidence and develop positive attitudes toward reading.”

—Dr. Bob Davis, former principal, West Des Moines (IA) Community School District

Watch your students move from struggling to fluent readers. Implement WordFlight for at least 60 minutes per week to see significant results. You can use the entire program, integrated blended components, or only the online portion of the program.

WordFlight™ is a trademark of Foundations of Learning, an Iowa company.