WordFlight assesses and accelerates foundational reading skills to prepare students in grade 2-8 to become fluent readers.

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Introduction to WordFlight

WordFlight bridges the gap between phonics and fluency.

WordFlight takes a new, research-based approach to help students become fluent readers.

The science clearly demonstrates that decoding skills alone are not enough to reach fluency. Evidence points to a common missing foundational reading skill: automatic word recognition.

In fact, it is estimated that up to 50 percent of students in the United States are struggling with the foundational skills they need to become fluent readers.

WordFlight is the only patented literacy solution that both assesses and builds automatic word recognition as students learn the prerequisite foundational skills for fluency.

In fact, it is estimated that up to 50 percent of students in the United States are struggling with the foundational skills they need to become fluent readers.

Why automatic word recognition?

Automatic word recognition is a critical predictor of fluency. It means that students can apply their foundational reading skills with ease.

  • One important component of this skill is decoding, or translating a written word into spoken sounds.
  • To reach automatic word recognition, students learn to generalize their decoding skills across contexts and with new content.

WordFlight gets results for developing and struggling readers by merging the science of reading with the science of learning.


  • Diagnoses gaps in foundational reading skills.
  • Uses a proven, research-based learning model to maximize retention and generalization of reading skills.
  • Improves important reading skills like decoding, encoding and automatic word recognition.
  • Enhances phonemic awareness, orthographic mapping, spelling, vocabulary development, and comprehension.
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How WordFlight works:

1. Identify

The quick, online WordFlight Screener identifies students who struggle with foundational reading skills.

2. Reveal

The powerful, patented WordFlight Diagnostic provides visibility into each student’s development of decoding, generalization and automatic word recognition skills, the best predictor of fluency.

3. Take Flight

The online Instructional Program enables students to receive varied practice to build automatic word recognition in a game-like environment.

To check if students are on track, the system provides diagnostic and ongoing formative assessment.

4. Soar

Teacher-directed lesson plans support explicit instruction in a multi-tiered system of support framework.

Reporting and management tools to monitor progress.


• Tailored implementation and on-going support
• Professional learning

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WordFlight is an effective intervention for struggling readers in grades 3 and above.

Students who continue to struggle with reading in late elementary and beyond often have gaps in their foundational reading skills. This means they may:

  • Read slowly, with great effort and difficulty
  • Struggle with decoding
  • Are unable to easily identify and distinguish vowels
  • Do not understand how syllables work or have difficulty breaking words into syllables
  • Cannot quickly and automatically apply and generalize knowledge of phonics to new words or to connected text
  • Have difficulty spelling

Because WordFlight focuses on building foundational reading skills, it is an effective MTSS Interventions for Tiers 2 and 3.

Grade 2

For students in grade 2, WordFlight helps build foundational skills, including automatic word recognition, from the very start.

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“One of my students went from a 4th grade reading level at the beginning of the year to an early 6th on his mid-year assessment! Another student went up two grade levels as well! He is now at a 5th grade reading level according to iReady and he was super proud!” Kegan Cliburn, 6th Grade Teacher, Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy Cedar Rapids, Iowa

WordFlight is also effective for special populations, including:

Students with

English Language
Students with
special needs

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