identifies and attacks gaps in basic reading skills to help your students become fluent readers.


Attacking the Missing Link –
the bridge between phonics and fluency

WordFlight is an online literacy solution designed to attack gaps in foundational knowledge and skills in a way that directly targets the development of automatic word recognition – a key precursor to fluency. Automatic word recognition is the missing link that bridges phonics and fluency. WordFlight is the only valid measure of automatic word recognition and the only curriculum designed to tackle this key component of fluency.

WordFlight’s combination of screening, assessment, and instruction uniquely addresses development of decoding knowledge, automatic word recognition, and the generalization of skills. WordFlight is designed for students in grade 2 and above and has been proven effective for persistently struggling readers, special needs students, English language learners, and students who learn differently.

WordFlight is the only literacy solution using current learning science to address this missing link in foundational skills.

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WordFlight Screener

Quick Online Screening to Identify Students Who Likely Have Deficits in Foundational Reading Skills

The WordFlight Screener offers a quick, easy-to-use way to determine which students are at risk and may lack foundational reading skills. Derived from the WordFlight Diagnostic, the WordFlight Screener reliably predicts performance on standardized reading measures. The WordFlight Screener will tell you if the student is likely:

  • Proficient
  • At Some Risk
  • At High Risk

The WordFlight Screener is available to schools at no charge and the typical student will complete it in about 20 minutes. If you are interested in enrolling students in the WordFlight Screener please contact us.

New this year, teachers can utilize the WordFlight Screener for free through the Clever library!

WordFlight Diagnostic

Uncover why your students are struggling to read through an in-depth assessment that reveals new insights about their foundational knowledge and skills

The WordFlight Diagnostic analyzes students’ decoding knowledge and whether they can automatically and flexibly use what they know across many contexts. These skills are imperative to becoming a fluent reader for comprehension.

The individual student profile generated by the WordFlight Diagnostic identifies deficits in decoding skills with a specificity not seen in other assessments. Furthermore, the WordFlight Diagnostic is the first and only operationalized and validated measurement tool for automatic word recognition, an essential precursor to fluency and comprehension. Learn more about the WordFlight Diagnostic validation.

Specifically, the WordFlight Diagnostic will tell you:

  • How many and which students are proficient or at risk in decoding and/or automaticity skills.
  • What specific gaps exist in decoding knowledge.
  • If a student can generalize decoding to novel words and to multi-syllabic words.
  • Whether the student has skills to support automatic word recognition.
  • The instructional priorities for the student(s).

Students typically complete the WordFlight Diagnostic in three 20-minute sessions. The results can be used to identify those students who are proficient or at risk in these essential skills. A detailed report provides a profile for each student, which can be used to pinpoint deficits in specific areas and aid in the selection of targeted interventions for individuals or groups of students.

The WordFlight Diagnostic is administered up to three times per year as part of the WordFlight Instructional Program. The WordFlight Diagnostic is also available as a standalone assessment.

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WordFlight Instructional Program

Launch student success with the personalized, online curriculum that addresses the “missing link”

The WordFlight Instructional Program is a personalized, online learning experience that complements a flexible implementation of teacher-facilitated instruction in a blended learning environment. WordFlight develops student knowledge and use of the foundations in a way that allows them to automatically transfer those skills to fluency.

WordFlight is an evidence-based program built on more than a decade of research and development to support the needs of diverse learners.

WordFlight features:

  • Speed and efficiency: Moves students to proficiency with foundational skills in less than a school year with 20-minute daily sessions
  • A novel learning framework (Varied Practice Model*): Enables educators to reach students not responding to other programs
  • Online, personalized instruction: Allows quick and effective pivots between in-person and remote learning
  • A game-like instructional environment: Engages and sustains students’ interest
  • Implementation friendly: Allows teachers flexibility in implementation, permitting teachers to adjust for scheduling and student needs
  • Formative assessments: Regular feedback allows teachers to monitor and celebrate student growth and progress
  • Actionable reporting: Reporting tools pinpoint student needs, providing teachers a clear pathway to support and engage students and administrators easy oversight of usage and progress

Professional Development and Support

Teachers and schools receive support and professional development from the WordFlight team to ensure successful implementation.

WordFlight is an easy-to-use, personalized learning tool for both students and teachers. See for yourself.

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WordFlight™ & Multi-Tiered System of Support/ Response to Intervention (MTSS/RTI)

The WordFlight™ components (Screener, Diagnostic and Instructional Program) are flexibly used across the multi-tiered frameworks for instruction. The WordFlight assessment tools support all tiers. The WordFlight Instructional Program has typically been used as a Tier 2 or Tier 3 tool.

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Research Driven

Based on research and rooted in learning theory, WordFlight’s curriculum uses the Varied Practice Model, an approach that has proven successful in a variety of learning domains. Learn more about the research and learning model.

WordFlight builds foundational reading skills differently than commonly used reading instruction.

Based on research and rooted in learning theory, WordFlight drives results.