Are your students lacking
critical foundational reading skills?

Use the WordFlight Screener
for free

Three reasons to try the WordFlight Screener:

  1. It’s a measure of the best predictor of fluency. Our screener identifies if students are at risk or proficient in automatic word recognition, a critical predictor for fluency, as well as other important foundational reading skills.
  2. It’s quick. It only takes 10-15 minutes of class time for students to complete.
  3. It’s an effective, free resource to support your instruction.

Sample WordFlight Screener report:

Start Here

Let’s get started:

You can start using the WordFlight Screener in just a few easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form on this page. We’ll be in touch shortly with an email with more information.
  2. Enroll your students.
    • Follow the directions in the email to create your WordFlight account and roster your students.
    • TIP! If you’re a Clever user, follow the instructions on this page. There’s no need to wait for the email.
  3. Screen students. Once your students are rostered, they can immediately start the WordFlight Screener.
  4. Review the results. Screener results will be available in the “Screener – Results” report within WordFlight.
    • Students who scored as “high risk” or “some risk” will struggle to become a fluent reader and need more work on their decoding and automatic word recognition. These students will benefit from using WordFlight to improve their foundational reading skills.
    • Schedule a demo with us for more information about how WordFlight puts students on the path to fluency!